Glimpses of  events  in Geology Department  2011-12

Dr. Sanjay Shukla, Head,  Department of Geology


The session started with the admissions of B.Sc I students, with new zeal and enthusiasm. The  result of the final year students was 100%,but more convincing  was that  16 of them got admissionIn M.Sc. Geology, at Banaras Hindu University,   Lucknow University  and  HNB University,Srinagar andDehradun.Apart from theregular  teaching and practical classes ,other academic activities were also held to enhance the scientific temper, knowledge and  sense of social responsibility among the students , towards environment  and society.

  1. A team of students of our department participated in Poster Exhibition held at Remote SensingApplicationCentre,Uttar Pradesh,on  Role of Remote Sensing in Disaster Management on12th August2011 on birth anniversary of Vikram Sarabhai ,the fore-father of Indian Space Program.Our students secured  3rd position in competition.


2. On 5th.September,The Teachers Day, the Geological Association of the department invited andFelicitated Dr.A.K.Srivastava  retired Professor of GeologyDepartment, of Lucknow University.Prof.Srivastava,  an eminent  Petrologist and Geochemist , addressed and  interacted with the studentsabout the recent  trend in opportunities  in Geology .Dr. Srivastava  was also requested to take few classes of Metamorphic  petrology for our students



3. The geological excursion of students was organized from 3rd. to  8th November  2011 toNainital and
Adjoining  areas of geological importance .Students apart from doing  very hectic field work in  the
treacherousterrains of Himalaya, also visited  the Geology department of  Kumaun UniversityNainital. Prof.CC Pant,Head of department, alsodelivered a lecture briefing the students about the regional geological set up of the area.
Five research students of theGeology  department of Kumaon University also  accompanied us to assist and guide us during whole tenure of  geological field work in Himalayas.



4 .BSNV Alumni Association  Get together was organized in college on19th November 2011 .An elite
Group of  old students from the college  assembled and enjoyed the function. Many students of the
Department volunteered  during the event.



5 .Prof.A.K.Srivastava   was kind enough to  deliver  lectures on  Metamorphic Petrology for the B.Sc.II
Students of the department from  November  29  onwards for six  days on different  dates.  students were  benefitted  a lot by the teaching by such  a renowned  professor of the Petrology.
6. A lecture on The Role of Geologist  in  Oil Exploration   by  Col. S. B. Singh  Chief Geologist , Oil and Natural Gas  Corporation(ONGC), Raja Mundari  ,Andhra Pradesh  was organized on 3rd December2011.Mr.Singh Colonel  of  Territorial Army and the President of India  medal  awardee, a fieldGeologist by profession, delivered   excellent  lecture on basic field work in oil exploration with the
help of slides and interacted with the students .The thunderous clapping  by the students at theend of the lecture was   self explainingthe response of the lecture.



7. Prof. S. K.Kulshrestha  retiredProfessor from Centre of Advance Study in Geology,PunjabUniversity,
Chandigarh,  obliged us  by delivering lectures on  Palaeontology,evolution and mass  extinction  from December 3rd to 7th,  2011, for our students. Dr. Kulshrestha’s vast knowledge of the subject ,way of teaching  and simplicity  left a  great Impact on  students.

8. The  Geological  association organized  a lecture on  “Eye in the sky”  by Dr.A.K.Tangri,senior scientist  at Remote Sensing Application Centre ,Uttar Pradesh, on 15th December 2011.Dr. Tangri  presently working  on Gangotri  Glacier ,Alakhnanda  valley and in gangetic plain, emphasized the role
of RemoteSensing   and Geographical Information System (GIS)  in Geology  and   Disastermanagement  like  Floods,Earthquakes, Tsunami, Landslides,Forest Fire etc. The excellent lecture presented with the help  of a number of excellent   Satellite imageries,  Aerial Photographs  and  slides narrated the theme to students  as well as  teachers. Students also interacted with Dr.Tangri.



9. A lecture on “Plate Tectonics and The Types of Plate Margins” by Prof.K.K.Agarwal, Head of Geology
Department, University of Lucknow, a  promising  geoscientist , was organized on12th January2012.Prof Agarwal  gave a detaileddescription  of the various processes  involved  in  restructuring the earth s surface. The students  felt free to interact  with Dr. Agarwal   to resolve  their queries  about
the earth s processes,which resulted in present configuration of earth.



10 .Dr. V.P.Misra  Deputy Director General, Geological Survey of India, New Delhi, a renowned palaeontologist,has  very  kindly accepted our request  to deliver a lecture on “life Through Geological Ageson 2nd. February 2012.  Dr.Misragave an elaborate and intricate explanation of the various factors involved in the process of ssEvolutionof life on our planet.



11. Yogesh Ray an ex student of this department at  present doing Wadia Institute ofHimalaya
Geology ,Dehradun,was awarded the prestigious Geoscience  Award 2010, for young scientist, for

hisResearch work,  on 16th February 2012by honorable speakerMs. Meira  Kumar in New Delhi.



12. Another studentAnkitGupta,at present doing M.Sc. (Geology) at Lucknow University,made us proud
By bagging  Four Gold Medals,   namely  Dr. GN kakkar  Memorial Gold Medal for securing  highest marks in B.Sc. III session 2010-12, Smt. Nandani  Shukla Memorial Gold medal  in B.Sc. III Biology Group
Session 2010-11, Sri Kanti Mohan Awasthi Memorial Gold Medal in B.Sc.III2011,, and aCertificate andGold Medal  for securingIst division in B.Sc.III examination 2011,  on CollegeAnnual Day functionon 23 February 2012.

13. Mr.Deepak Kumar Raia part time lecturer of  Geology Department  selected as  Geologist  in  Geological Survey Of India, a renowned  central Govt. Organization of Geological services by UPSC.

14. Shramdaan   Like the previous years  the students of this department  continued their  involvement towards theconservation of our natural resources by doing Shramdaan on Sunday mornings,at the bank  ofGomti ,the Life line of Lucknow.The cleaning drive in and around Gomti was carried out . Apart from picking and collecting the polythene and other waste /disposed materials  from the river water ,students  done plantation  at many  places and also indulged in propagating  the  environmental awareness  among the students of other colleges and society.