Raja Ram Mohan Roy Studies Centre

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Studies Centre


Raja Ram Mohan Roy Studies Centre strives to be one of the eminent centres of education, research and action oriented programmes and to cultivate and prepare knowledge society. By embracing the knowledge of the Epoch Making social thinkers of India and disseminating their knowledge in higher education and also for the welfare of the society as a whole.
The RRMRSC is dedicated to impart education on ideology and teachings of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and to inculcate those values among the youth specially the students and research scholars, teachers and academicians.


  • The RRMRSC has as its primary responsibility to serve the scholars by offering the highest quality education, research and service.
  • The ultimate goal of the Centre is to equip its students with a sound knowledge and wisdom which will aid them in becoming able and responsible citizens of a democratic society.

The Centre also recognizes its duty to make other services available for the advancement of the culture and welfare of the people based on the egalitarian principles of Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

  • It has been a tradition at the BSNVPG College that these objectives are accomplished only through excellence in academic standards, and our future achievements are sure to be accomplished by keeping to this tradition.


Students, college teachers, academic staff



The centre being a part of BSNVPG College is authorised to use college huge infrastructure which includes, library, seminar hall and lecture theatre. Apart from these, the centre has a mini library also.